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  • Rabbit vaccinations
  • Rabbit vaccinations
  • Rabbit vaccinations

Your rabbit should be vaccinated routinely against Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) and Myxomatosis. Both these viral diseases can be rapidly fatal in an unvaccinated rabbit and there are no cures once infected.

The only protection you can give your rabbit is by vaccination.

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Rabbit Haemorragic Disease

RHD is spread by direct contact between rabbits (both wild and domesticated) but also via indirect contact such as from people, clothing, on shoes, other objects, fleas and other parasites.


Myxomatosis is spread mainly by fleas or other biting insects and is transmitted in this way from wild to pet rabbits but can sometimes also spread via direct contact with other infected individuals.

A combined Myxomatosis-RHD vaccination can be given from as early as 5 weeks of age. Boosters are given every 12 months and cover both diseases.

A second vaccine is now available for RHD2, a new variant strain of RHD which has recently been found in the UK. This is also an annual vaccination and is particularly important for breeding does, rabbits in rescue centres, or those rabbits in high contact with wild rabbits.

At the time of vaccination your vet will do a full medical examination and check the teeth (particularly the back teeth) for any evidence of malocclusion which could lead to spikes and tongue ulceration. Rabbits with identified existing tooth problems should be checked at least every 6 to 8 weeks. A thorough dental check will require sedation.

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