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  • Cat neutering
  • Cat neutering
  • Cat neutering
  • Cat neutering
  • Cat neutering

Neutering your cat not only helps solve the serious problem of a burgeoning population of unwanted cats, but also makes for friendlier, easier-to-live-with pets.

Speyed female cats are more relaxed, playful and affectionate, while castrated males are calmer and less likely to 'spray' or urine-mark their territory, wander away from their home or fight. Plus, sterilisation has health benefits - it minimizes the risk of mammary cancer in females and reduces the incidence of prostate problems in males.

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Cat speying

Speying removes the uterus and ovaries of a female cat, usually prior to the age of six months and before they come into heat for the first time. It is performed under general anaesthesia. Complications are rare and recovery is normally complete within ten days, at which point your cat will have her stitches removed. In general kittens recover very quickly after this procedure and are up and about in no time.

Cat castration

Castration, also carried out under general anaesthesia, removes the testicles of a male cat. The small wounds that result usually heal in about a week. It is a less complicated procedure than spaying and is often performed when the cat is five - six months old. The earlier the procedure the less likely that secondary male characteristics such as spraying and fighting become learnt and therefore difficult or impossible to undo.

Cat neutering in RugeleyNeutering and Spaying your cat DT Venterinary Centre in Rugeley

Cats reach reproductive maturity rapidly; we follow the RSPCA and Cats Protection guidelines recommending neutering both female and male cats around four months of age. Spaying a female cat involves removing their ovaries and uterus. Castrating a male cat involves removing both of their testes.

Cat neutering benefits:

  • Reduces cat to cat fighting
  • Prevention of testicular cancer
  • Reduces roaming behaviours
  • No risk of unwanted pregnancies
  • Reduces spraying

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Should I let my cat have one litter before spaying her?

This happens to be a common question, and there are no known health benefits to letting your cat have a litter; this is also the same for dogs and rabbits.
General anaesthesia Your pet requires a general anaesthetic for neutering; here at (practice name), we have measures in place to ensure their safety during the procedure.

A dedicated Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) will monitor your pet throughout their surgery and recovery. All anaesthesia comes with some form of risk; however, these are very low, especially neutering, as pets are often young, fit, and healthy when having this procedure. Risk levels of anaesthesia increase with a pet’s age, certain breeds and if your pet has any underlying health conditions. We can perform a pre-anaesthetic blood test before your pet’s surgery to detect any underlying illnesses; this can be discussed when booking in for the procedure and on the day of their surgery. Your pet will receive a premedication to relax them and will also receive two types of pain relief.

Rest assured the D&T Veterinary Centre team will be with your pet every step of the way.

Your pet will stay the day with us

On admission, we will discuss the procedure and go through the consent form. Please note we must gain a signature from the registered owner (over 18) or authorised agent on the consent form. Your dog, cat or rabbit will be admitted as a ‘day patient’, and they will be discharged later that day once our team are happy with how your pet has recovered. During your pet’s discharge appointment, the team will go through everything you need to know about caring for your pet after their surgery and their pain relief medication.

We are always at the end of the telephone for you and your pet, so please contact us if you have any further questions once you have your pet settled back at home. 

Please bring your cat in a secure cat basket with a blanket that smells of home. Cats are territorial creatures who prefer to stay in areas familiar to them; click here to read how you can prepare for travelling to us with your cat. Here at D&T Veterinary Centre, we are accredited Silver Cat Friendly Clinic which means our practice has everything in place to help your cat have a positive experience with us.

D&T Veterinary Centre Pet Health Plan members can claim a 10% discount off any neutering procedure. Our health club offers preventative health, and you could be saving each year on what you spend on your pet treatment wise. Click here to find out more.

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