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  • Pre-Operation Information
  • Pre-Operation Information
  • Pre-Operation Information
  • Pre-Operation Information
  • Pre-Operation Information

If your pet is requiring surgery with us, your vet will explain the procedures involved, the estimated costs, and all benefits and risks associated with the procedure.

If you have any questions please call us to discuss this prior to your appointment.


If your pet requires a general anaesthetic your vet will discuss with you any risks which may be involved.

We can offer pre-anaesthetic blood tests to check the health and function of internal organs that can be affected by anaesthetics (kidney and liver). We can also run a haematology test to ensure your animal is not suffering from any blood disorders which could affect their ability to heal post operatively.

The nurse will ask you if you want this blood test when they admit your pet on the day of surgery. We strongly advise you consider this test if your pet is over eight years of age.


What to do before bringing your pet in?

  • Dogs and cats that are having a general anaesthetic must be starved from 9.00pm the night before the procedure. This is to prevent your animal being sick while anaesthetised.
  • Smaller animals such as rabbits, rodents and birds are not starved prior to an anaesthetic as this can affect their blood sugar levels quite drastically.
  • Your pet can have water until they come in to us.
  • Please allow your pet to perform their normal toileting habits in the morning, but avoid a long walk which can tire them out.
  • Please bring your pet to the surgery safely restrained on a lead or in a carrier.
  • Admission for surgery is between 8:30am and 9:30am at the Rugeley practice, and between 9:00am and 9:30 am at the Stafford branch practice. 
  • On arrival please give your name and address to the nurse. The nurse will then fill in an anaesthetic consent form with you, which they will ask you to sign. Please read this form carefully. We will also ask you for a contact number that you will be available on during the day. This is very important in case we need to contact you during your pet’s time with us.


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