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The HT Vista uses heat diffusion imaging technology (HDI) to determine if a mass is most likely benign or requires further investigation. The device heats the lump by 6 degrees and is left to cool. The device then monitors the thermal activity and special features of the tissue. The data is sent to an artificial intelligence program for analysis, and results are returned in two minutes. 

The device can do this as different types of skin react differently when heated. For example, healthy skin maintains temperature well and unhealthy does not. This is because healthy and unhealthy skin have different structures, metabolism, and blood supply. 

Your dog’s mass will receive a score between 1-10 and a percentage of how likely it is to be benign. For example, a 10 HDI score is suggestive that the mass is 99% benign, and a 4 HDI score is suggestive that it is 89% benign. The vet at D&T will discuss the results and the follow-up that may be required once the results have come through. 

If you find a lump on your dog, book in with our team today at D&T We can discuss your options, perform the 40-second scan and devise a plan that works for you. 

HT Vista scanning is available at our Rugeley site.

Call us on 01889 582023 to book an appointment.

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