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  • Infectious diseases in dogs
  • Infectious diseases in dogs
  • Infectious diseases in dogs
  • Infectious diseases in dogs
  • Infectious diseases in dogs

Being aware of the infectious and, in some cases, potentially fatal diseases your dog can catch is a vital part of dog ownership.

Spotting the signs that your pet is unwell and in need of veterinary care will help you give your dog a long, happy and healthy life, and knowing when to call your vet for advice and support could even save your dog’s life in an emergency. Understanding how dog diseases are transmitted will also help give you the information you need on how to protect your dog and prevent the spread of dangerous disease.

Canine Parvovirus

Is a highly contagious disease and the most common infectious disease we see in this area. Symptoms include bloody diarrhoea and vomiting. The disease can be fatal especially in puppies and young dogs.


Is caused by a virus and like Canine Parvovirus is also extremely contagious. Signs include coughing, vomiting and diarrhoea.


It is a fatal bacterial disease. It affects the liver and kidneys and causes fever and lethargy. It can be spread through infected water, as well as through rat urine. It is also zoonotic (can be spread to humans – Weils disease).

Canine Hepatitis

Affects the liver with signs including fever, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Kennel Cough

This is a highly contagious infection caused by the Bordetella virus symptoms including a severe, honking cough, nasal discharge and watery eyes. It is often seen when many dogs have been together, ie kennels, joint walks, dog shows etc.

Vaccinations will protect your dog from all of the above diseases, please ask your vet for advice on this.

Lyme Disease

Can develop after a tick bite from an infected tick. Signs include joint pain, fatigue, depression, excessive thirst and loss of appetite. 


Is a fatal disease caught from a bite or scratch by an infected animal. Rabies is not found in the UK dog population but is found on mainland Europe and is a risk to travelling pets. Rabies vaccine is therefore mandatory for dogs and cats travelling abroad.

Tick-borne Babesiosis

Is most commonly seen in France but increasingly British dogs who travel are at risk. Signs include a high temperature, blood in the urine and lethargy. There have recently been cases in UK dogs which have not travelled abroad, so this disease is being carefully monitored. Please ask our nurses on the best products to prevent ticks on your dog.

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