Protect your pet’s teeth with our dental campaign

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Looking after your pet’s pearly whites is extremely important, which is why we’re launching a dental health awareness campaign to provide help, advice and treatment along with some great offers.

Dental disease among cats, dogs and rabbits is one of the most common problems we deal with here at D&T and there are some simple steps all pet owners can take to improve their furry friend’s oral health!

To make looking after your pet’s teeth as easy as possible, we are running a special promotion at our Stafford branch.

  • FREE dental check-up appointment with one of our nurses
  • FREE dental goody bag with every dental check-up
  • 10% off all dental treatments.

What problems can bad oral health cause?

Unfortunately, dental disease is extremely common in pets due to a combination of dietary and genetic factors. Here are some of the issues a bad oral health regime can cause:

  • Without daily brushing, plaque can build up on animals’ teeth. This contains a complex film of bacteria which can be damaging to gums and roots
  • If plaque isn’t removed it can build up and become calcified. The brown substance which can be seen on teeth is tartar, which can allow more bacteria to grow if left untreated
  • Not treating plaque and tartar can eventually lead to toothache, gingivitis (gum infection) and tooth loss. All these conditions can be very painful and you may see your pet having difficulties eating
  • Seemingly harmless items which pets chew on, such as tennis balls, can wear teeth down and leave the root exposed.

If you have any questions about your pet’s teeth, just give us a call!

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Just keep swimming

Congratulations to our nurse Bev Hawkins and one of our clients Hayley Birkin for completing a 22 mile channel swim in 8 weeks.

Their challenge was to swim the length of the channel in 12 weeks to help raise money to help change the lives of people who have been paralysed by spinal cord injury.

Hayley has managed to raise £150 and Bev has managed to raise £335, a fantastic £485 altogether.

They would both like to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you to everyone who has kindly sponsored them to help raise money for this wonderful cause.

Well done both from us all at D&T Veterinary Centre!