D&T goes green, with an Investors in the Environment (iiE) bronze award

Here at D&T we’ve been working on making ourselves more environmentally friendly in recent months, which has led to us achieving a prestigious award from Investors in the Environment.

We’ve implemented changes such as growing some of our own food for animals in our care, and reducing our electricity usage in a bid to dramatically offset our carbon footprint.

The scheme is being led by CD Sarah, and vet nurse veterinary nurse Di, supported by team members at both Stafford and Rugeley.

Sarah said: “We built a team of environmental enthusiasts to help achieve this fantastic accomplishment, who regularly meet to discuss how we can reduce the carbon footprint at our practice.

“To transform the way in which we function and the way we care for the environment, we have introduced a number of improvements – some major and some minor.

“We now measure our waste production and aim to reduce this over the next 12 months. To do this, we have implemented new recycling protocols in-house and we use hot composters on site to recycle our food waste.

“Other new measures at D&T include recycling our ink cartridges with a registered ink cartridge recycling scheme and using Terracycle to recycle our crisp and chocolate packets, pens and pet food sachets.

“We have now become a bee-friendly practice and we’re actively supporting the ‘Paws to Turn Off’ campaign, which urges team members to switch off lights.

“We’re keen to go further and have drawn up a carbon footprint of the practice which reveals our biggest problems are anaesthetic gases, so we will be introducing low flow anaesthetic techniques to our practice.

“Future ideas include opening our Terracycle scheme to the public, creating a travel plan which involves car sharing, cycle work to scheme and public transport, and creating a community garden scheme using our homemade compost. We will also strive to achieve the iiE’s top green award.”

Watch out for future updates and awards as we continue with our green efforts!