Pet of the Month – September 2019

This is Belle our first ever Pet of the Month. We have decided each month to pick a patient who has been particularly brave or won us over and publish them on our Facebook page.

Belle having cuddles with Meg our student nurse
Belle having cuddles with Meg our student nurse

Belle is our pet of the month for September.

She is a 6 and a half year old labrador and was first brought to us in July by her worried owners as she was just not her bright bouncy self and had a lump in her groin.

After undergoing further tests Belle was diagnosed with Lymphoma a form of cancer that affects her lymph nodes.

After a discussion with her owners they decided to start her on a course of chemotherapy.

We are pleased to report that she is currently doing well and although we have had a few little blips along the way she is back to her bright bouncy self and loves coming in to see us.

She still has more treatments to go but with the help of her dedicated owners she is battling bravely.

She has fast become a favourite within the practice and we wish her all the best in her recovery.

Belle sitting patiently with our Vet Jenny whilst having her chemo administered